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BauerFinancial 5 Star Rating

Bauer FinancialNuVista Federal Credit Union has received a 5 Star Rating from BauerFinancial.  A 5 Star Rating is categorized as Superior and Bauer recommends our institution.

BauerFinancial is completely independent. It does not get paid (nor has it ever) to rate any institution, nor can any institution avoid its rating. 

Bauer uses the same strict barometer to rate all banks and all credit unions and makes those ratings available to all people - for free - on its web site. Bauer has nothing to hide.

Since 1983, this practice, along with an excellent track record, has earned the respect of regulators, bankers and consumers across the country. They have been analyzing and reporting on the industry since 1983. Nobody knows this business better, nor is better respected.

Visit their website for more information