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March Pet Madness


Please drop off Pet Supplies for our March Pet Madness
Benefits go to the Montrose Animal Shelter

From March 1st through March 29th 

You can also donate your change for the cause

Items that are needed:

Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)
Kitten Nursing Bottles
Puppy Milk Replacer (Esbilac)
Puppy Nursing Bottles
Puppy Pads
Pooper Scoopers
Pill Pockets
Dog/Cat Treats
Dog, Puppy, Cats and Kitten food
NutriSource Cat Food (Can be purchased at Chow Down)
Rabbit Food and Treats
Toys for Dogs and Cats
Scratch Pads
Cleaning supplies
Gift Cards to:
Petco, Chow Down, Murdochs or Walmart
Gift Cards to Animal Groomers

Thanks for your support of our local fur babies!