Personal Banking Fees

Fee Schedule current as of June 24, 2014
Account Closure Fee (Within the first six months) $25.00
Account Reconciliation Fee $25.00/per hour
Account Research Fee $25.00/per hour
ACH Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $35.00/per item
ACH Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Additional Statement Printout $3.00 per requested month
Business Checking $10.00 per month under $500
Cashier Check by Mail $2.00
Certified Mail Charge $5.00
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 (non-members only)
Check Copies (Access Free online for three months) $6.00/copy
Credit Card Issuance Fee $10.00 per card
Credit Union Checks $3/per check
Debit/ATM card Annual Fee No Fee
 Debit/ATM card Reorder  
   1st in 12 months $10.00 per card
    2nd in 12 months    $25.00 per card
    Rush Order $45.00 per card
Deposit Item Return Fee $25.00/per item
Deposit Item Collection Fee $35.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee (Charged after 12 months of no activity) $10.00/per month
Federal Express Charge $40.00/per package
Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee (not within our networks) $3.00 per withdrawal
Garnishments $75.00
Gift Card VISA (non-reloadable) $4.00
Holiday/Tax Early Withdrawal Fee $20.00
ID Protection (per month) $2.00
IRA Origination Fee $5.00
IRA Closing Fee $30.00
Notary Fees (For members) Free
Loan Closing Fee  
Uncollateralized* $35.00
Collateralized* $75.00
Money Order Fee $2.00
Mortgage Payoff Request $25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $35.00/per item
Outgoing Wire Fee $25.00
Pay By Phone (From another institution to ours) $10.00 or 3% of the transaction amount whichever is greater.
Privilege Pay Fee $35.00/per item
Reissue Lost ATM PIN $6 per reissue
Return Mail/Bad Address Fee $5.00/month
´╗┐´╗┐Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Temporary Checks 3.00 per sheet 
Verification of Account/Deposit $15.00 
Verification of Mortgage  $25.00 
Visa Card Issuance Fee $10.00 per card
VISA Credit Card Reorders  
    1st in 12 months $10.00 per card
    2nd in 12 months $25.00 per card
    Rush Order $40.00 per card
VISA Travel Card - Reloadable** $5.00

* Non-Profit exempt from $10 fee/.15 transaction fee.  Please see the Business Account page for additional fees that apply only to the business accounts.

* Collateralized loan and uncollateralized loan will have further explanation at the time of your loan application. 
**Other fees apply for loading the card. Please see credit union for details.

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